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We're Passionate About Locally-Sourced Food.

A large part of Scott Miller’s childhood was spent in the country with cattle and dairy farms as neighbors. Fresh meats and dairy were what he was raised on. He realized the purity of these sources and the higher nutritional value/ less processing was very important to him. This was confirmed after receiving and eating some farm fresh beef from a friend that had been vacuum sealed and in the freezer for a year. It was very tender and tasted so much better than grocery store or even restaurant beef; he even felt better after eating it. He knew this was something people would want as an option for their families and we could be a way to get it to them, delivering straight to their home!

Getting quality meat can be difficult these days. Even if you think the meat you’re buying is healthy, you have no way of knowing where, or from who, it came from, what’s in it, or how it was raised. We believe in a better way to Meat Your Kitchen. Our family enjoys having the best local meat, and we want you to have the same experience. With beef from us, you will have traceability to what breed of beef (YES! Like red wine from different grapes, the breed of beef makes a difference) you and your family are eating, where it was processed, how it was raised, and where your selections came from.
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Why We Started Meat Your Kitchen

We Prefer Farm Raised Beef

We Prefer Farm Raised Beef

There's no getting around it. Farm-raised beef tasted better. You can't always get the best meat from your local grocery store.

We Prefer Local Farmers and Processors

We Prefer Local Farmers and Processors

Local is better! We want to support the farmers and processers in or near our community, and this is how we do our part.

We Provide Custom Orders

We know our Customers often prefer to order in small quantities and only in the cuts they want.  That’s what we do.

We Prefer the Best Product

We know we can deliver the best product if we get it straight from the source, and we want to pass that on to you. We’re excited to deliver quality meat, for you and your family, directly to your door.

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We are a family-owned and operated business from St. Charles, MO, and we’re excited to deliver quality meat, for you and your family, directly to your door.

Scott Miller

CEO of Meat Your Kitchen

Michelle Miller

Head of Sales and Marketing