Welcome! We hope you enjoy learning more about your meat options and discovering the differences. Inventory will change and will include different breeds to choose from so you can compare and find your favorite types of beef, whether it is Herford, Black Angus, Red Angus, Piedmontese, etc. They do taste different!

Remember, you can order only the cuts you want, so enjoy exploring and I’ll deliver them to you!

Meat Your Kitchen

Dexter Beef

We currently have Dexter beef in-house!

Dexters are a native Irish breed about half the size of Angus. They are known for having higher quality meat with a richer flavor, and distinctive spider marbling.

  • Dexter has finer graining of the muscle fiber, It has the same number of muscle fibers as larger breeds, but in a smaller animal. This results in a more intense flavor.
  • Dexter meat is higher in CLAs (Omega-6), Omega-3 & 9 fatty acids, making a naturally more tender meat.
  • Dexter meat is lower in saturated fat, higher in protein and iron, making them highly sought after as a lower cholesterol option and desired for the high protein Keto/ Carnivore diets.
  • The Dexter is a free-range, grass fed & finished breed of cattle.

Thus, Dexter meat is higher quality, finer grained beef that’s often compared to a fine wine and highly sought after in foodie circles.

Expect these cuts to be much smaller and different in appearance. Filets, for example are strips, not round medallions.

And please remember, when cooking any lean meats, the rule is always low and slow and 5-10 degrees less than regular, fattier meats. Enjoy!


These sausages/bratwursts/breakfast links have been a wonderful addition! They are made locally, using only pure, natural ingredients, and are nitrite free. The casings are a bit thinner, giving the brats a nice bite without being chewy. We will offer several flavors at a time, but there are about 30 flavors to choose from, so please click on the “requests and let us know which ones you would like to see in stock for the next order!


We will be happy to provide you with recipes if you are trying something for the first time! We’ve also have a Pinterest page for Meat Your Kitchen where we post or share recipes for you to enjoy.


Currently, we have a few Chicken Brat/Sausage flavors to enjoy! Click on the chicken to see what’s currently in-house!

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